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High impact and brand recall with Train Advertising

Train advertising is a great way to target a captive audience!

With millions of train journeys taken daily across the Country on local networks as people commute to work, travel into the city to shop or into town to college train advertising provides a fantastic platform for delivering your message.

Advertising on trains has been a successful way of reaching people for decades and results show people recall the adverts they see on train journeys.

When you talk train advertising the most effective media is Train Passenger Panels.  These are located on train carriages and are positioned in optimum locations for viewing at the carriage ends and at the middle sections where most people enter and exit the trains.

Train passenger panels are portrait in layout and measure 457mm High by 380mm Wide, keeping the creative simple and clear is the best way to use the space, too much information does make the poster look cluttered.  Artwork can be supplied as a PDF or EPS – full print specifications are supplied on a campaign booking.

We also offer poster and billboard advertising opportunities at train stations, allowing you to create integrated campaigns that target passengers throughout their journey.

Campaigns are traditionally booked in 4-week packages.  Posters are spread over carriages and trains so you get a nice even and wide spread.


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