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Promote your brand to thousands of people in the buying mood with Shopping Centre Advertising!

6-sheet posters in malls are a fantastic way of targeting the consumer and community at large, from sites on the external walls and car parks as people enter and exit at local retail parks to sites on the main concourses of some of the busiest malls in Europe!

There are 3 types of 6-sheets found in mall/retail parks, the standard static 6-sheet, the standard scrolling 6-sheet and the digital 6-sheet.  The static 6-sheet is a solus site, the scroller is a site that consists of 3-advertisers and the posters scroll (roll) back and forth – each advertiser gets equal time on display.  

The digital 6-sheet is becoming increasingly popular as your 10 second slot can feature animation, helping to draw attention and increase awareness.  These sites usually feature a maximum of 6-advertisers – you can up-weight your campaign and increase your coverage by buying more spots.

One consideration with digital advertising is the creation of the commercial – we can assist with this through our sister company, ADI Production.

As well as the 6 sheet posters, we also offer a variety of other retail advertising opportunities, including lifts, shopping trollies and banners – please ask for further details.

Campaigns are sold in standard 2-week cycles and as with other media can buy a single 6-sheet in a mall / location of your choice or a larger campaign.

Full artwork specifications are supplied on booking a campaign.

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