Poster Advertising

Poster advertising is a powerful tool that is often ignored by advertisers. From restaurant pin up boards to the sticky boards in a doctor’s clinic, you will find plenty of areas unexplored and unutilized by your competitors. A little creativity with the right positioning can get you plenty of visibility. For example, if you are a local store selling baby products and you would like to target young mothers in your area, visit some of the paediatric clinics, speak to the doctors or the administration in charge and see if you can place a poster there. Most of them will allow advertising free of cost or at a very nominal rate.

Other Ideas for Poster Advertising

There are several places where you can think of placing poster advertising apart from the more obvious ones. If there are housing complexes in your locality, most of them are likely to have a notice board. Speak to the association manager about advertising rates. You will get a target audience in line with your requirements – housewives, students, retired individuals and more.

Some Guidelines to Poster Advertising

As with any other forms of advertising, this also requires some smart thinking. Start with basic questions like who is your target market, what is your budget, how are your competitors advertising and if they do, how successful have they been with their form of advertising. You can take our help in answering more questions before arriving at a strategy.
Once you have gone through the basic steps, you will need professional help at the design and implementation stage. Your message needs to be structured well. Advertisement should not be too wordy. You will lose your viewers interest quickly. An attractive image or a slogan usually works well in a poster. Instead of just giving an email address, give your telephone number as well. A client who reads a poster is most likely to call you in the next few minutes as he or she will have a mobile phone handy. If there are any monetary benefits, make sure you state them clearly. Incentivise the reader to call you or email you immediately.

How can We Help?

Poster advertising should not be your exclusive advertising strategy. This form of advertising works well when it complements some other form of advertising. When you work with our experts at AdiMedia, you have the advantage of a one stop shop solution serving all your advertising requirements, thereby saving you time and money.



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