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Novel advertising opportunities on petrol nozzles

Petrol forecourts are a fantastic way of targeting a large mix of the community easily and with creativity! 

Petrol pumps are something most of us come into contact with and when filling up the car you cannot fail to see the latest advert on the nozzles; unlike many other things we use regularly we tend to take notice of petrol pumps – an incorrect choice of petrol pump and we can face losing a fortune with a damaged engine!

When you book petrol pump advertising you get all the pumps on the forecourts you select providing a really strong platform for building awareness. 

Campaigns run for a full calendar month and can be carried on either superstore or high street forecourts or a mix of both – using a mix of both increases the mix of people you can target.

Petrol nozzles deliver huge numbers of a captive audience over a month and are not only very effective they are also a nice change from the usual mix of marketing platforms, enabling you to stand out from the crowd.

All production is included in a campaign and full artwork specifications are supplied on booking, simply tell us the City you want to target, select your forecourts from the list we supply and supply us your artwork and leave the rest to us!

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