Outdoor Advertising Campaigns for Smaller Companies

While everyone knows that outdoor advertising on bus stops, bill boards, trains and taxis are highly effective, few people know that even small businesses can take advantage of these and truly make a telling impact. Richard Millard, ADI Media Business Development Manager expains how.

Strategic Advertising

No matter where you look around, whether it is a small town or a big city, you will find strategic spots that can be used to advertise your products and services.

As a small business with local interests, outdoor advertising such as bus shelter advertising offers you the chance to target the local population who are the target audiences for your products. If you have a small taxi firm, it makes sense to advertise in the form of bus shelter advertising so that people would consider your taxi service as an alternative means of transportation. The right audience is targeted at the right moment, when they would need the service.


Most small firms shy away from outdoor advertisements thinking that the costs are out of their budget. However, studies indicate that train advertising and other advertising solutions offered by many advertising firms are extremely cost effective. Just because big brands might be using out of home advertising, that does not imply that it is expensive. If you are a small business but don’t know how to create an ad or book ad space, your ad agency can make it easy for you by creating your ads and booking space for you at the right locations.


When you do business with the best ad firms, you only get the greatest creative output. Advertisement creators understand that ads need to be creative and that the words need to be concise to get the message across and have recall value. Of course, not all train advertising or bus advertising needs to be super creative, you could just give solid information and you are sure to get a great response from viewers. If you want, your ad agency can be tactical and book a few well positioned ads or even book more sites, depending upon your campaign requirements. Bus shelter advertisements and advertisements on trains are great because commuters spend a considerable amount of time at these places and commuters often consist of business people or office going people with high disposable incomes.

In these days, when time is money, you might be wondering how to give your outdoor advertising campaign a kick start. Contact your advertising agency for the most economical solutions.

Why Use Outdoor Advertising?

Target more people, more of the time with outdoor advertising.

Outdoor advertising is perhaps the oldest advertising medium, with billboard advertising having been with us for over 175 years!

Recent years has seen a large resurgence in outdoor advertising, making it one of the fastest growing forms of advertising, driven by innovations in printing techniques and increased commercialisation of transport routes and urban sites.

When you think about it, outdoor advertising makes perfect sense.  People spend 70% of their waking life outside of their home.  They spend more time than ever travelling and outdoor advertising can be a welcome distraction to those stuck in traffic jams or on the train or bus to work.  In fact, outdoor advertising has one of the highest ‘like’ ratings of all mediums – people actually enjoy looking at it, rather than actively avoiding it, as they do internet or television advertising.

Recent research shows that whilst people prefer many mediums without advertising, they actually prefer advertising on trains and buses!  This welcoming of advertising is a surprising concept and makes the public much more open to advertising messages from outdoor advertising.  Nearly 50% of those asked had followed up on an advert seen on an outdoor poster.

Finally, the placement of outdoor advertising makes sense.  Much of it is located in city and town centre areas, meaning it is far easier for the consumer to take action and visit a shop than an advert viewed on television from the comfort of a sofa.

These factors combine to make outdoor advertising one of the most exciting and innovative forms of advertising and one that continues to show strong growth, even in times of economic adversity.

According to a recent survey by the Outdoor Advertising Association:



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