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Hit the High Street with Bus Shelter Advertising!

Bus shelter advertising is a great way to target shoppers, pedestrians and motorists alike. 

Bus shelters are sited in some of the busiest locations that billboards cannot target and also have the advantage of being situated in a place where people naturally gather and are often in need of something to occupy them whilst they wait for the bus! 

Bus Shelter advertising is available in two formats; static and scrolling:

Static Bus Shelter Advertising:
6 sheet format facing either inside or outside of the bus shelter allowing you to target pedestrians from both directions as well as those waiting at the bus stop.

Scrolling Bus Shelter Advertising:
The same 6 sheet size as static bus shelter advertising, but with three advertisements on a scrolling sheet.  Each receive equal display time as they move and are situated on the outside on the bus shelter. 

Many people wrongly assume that scrolling advertising is worse value than static as they have to share the space with other advertisers.  In fact the opposite is true, as the scrolling movement draws attention to the advertisement, which can actually mean increased customer recall for your campaign.

Our bus shelter advertising allows you to choose from a single site outside of an important building or a selection of sites across a town, city or region.  Campaigns as a rule run for 2-weeks.  Full artwork specifications are provided on booking a campaign.

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