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Bring your message to the masses with UK Bus Advertising.

To the layman, billboards appear to be the best form of outdoor advertising as they are bigger and bigger is better, right?  Not necessarily – unlike billboards, instead of waiting for your customers to come to your advert, bus advertising takes your message directly to your customers!

The most prominent billboard site on a busy road in the centre of town is of little use if your potential customers never pass it!  Bus advertising can not only pass along that busy main road but also out to other areas taking your message to many more people – a remarkable 90% of the UK population live within 5 minutes of a bus route.

We offer a wide range of bus advertising opportunities, from banner advertising to full pvc wraps making local buses a giant moving advertisement for your brand.

Most bus advertising campaigns runs for 4-weeks (2-week campaigns are available but do not offer such good value – please ask for details), with the following options available:

External Bus Advertising

Streetliners: streetliners are found on single deck buses and along the side of the bus beneath the windows (they are available in 2 x standard sizes 13-foot and 10-foot – both just above half a metre high) – very effective for reach to motorists and pedestrians.

Lower rears: lower rears are found on both single and double deck buses - beneath the rear window over the engine casing and are fantastic for targeting the motorist (they come in 2 x standard sizes 60” x 20” & 48” x 12”)

Supersides: are found on double deck buses, they sit between the lower and upper windows and do carry a real impact – bigger than a streetliner. Supersides measure 6,108mm wide by 658mm high – they carry a stand out from the crowd punch.

T-sides: are predominately used by large national campaigns for movies and high street brands – the sites run along the space of a superside and then have a vertical portion towards the rear of the bus – giving a ‘T’ effect! More expensive than the other regular sites but have proven hugely effective in bus advertising!

Mega rears: these sites fully cover the rear of a bus – can be both single and double decker buses – they carry the WOW factor and give such a fantastic platform for creative designs – bus advertising on Mega Rears allows the advertiser to use more space, effectively a mobile billboard. These campaigns are traditionally only booked for 12-month campaigns, but 3 and 6-months can be possible depending on stock.

Wraps: full bus wraps are hugely effective for standing the advertiser out from the crowd – it is the bus advertising that always turns heads – it is in line with Mega Rears traditionally only booked for 12-month campaigns, but 3 and 6-months can be possible depending on stock.  Print costs are expensive hence a short campaign isn’t realistic.

Internal Bus Advertising

Headliners: sit above the windows on the inside of the bus – fantastic for targeting the traveller – they measure 660mm Wide by 203mm High - giving a good sized area for a strong message – ideal platform for targeting a captive audience.

Passenger panels: are found by the luggage racks, drivers cab and stairwells – portrait in layout measuring 380mm Wide by 457mm High they give a great platform for targeting the traveller as with the headliners ideal for targeting a captive audience.

Bus advertising works best with strong, clear messages – there is always the desire to cram a lot of information into any advertisement – less is more as bus advertising that is too cluttered will not bring the desired return.

All bus advertising artwork can be supplied as PDF or EPS files – print specification sheets are supplied on booking of a campaign.

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