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Make the ultimate impact with UK Billboard Advertising.

The granddaddy of outdoor advertising, Billboard advertising first appeared in 1835 and have been around ever since.

The basic concept has not changed – a huge message to be seen by as many people as possible – and billboards have become the staple of outdoor advertising, with thousands of locations across the U.

Billboards have been the backdrop to some of the most iconic advertising campaigns through the years from classic albums, movies, cosmetics and latest High St fashions!

Billboard advertising is fantastic for putting your message in front of people as they travel to work, college and socialize, its quite difficult today to avoid billboards, they cover the vast majority of main arterial routes and are now also found on many a busy rat run!

Billboard Advertising comes in two standard landscape sizes:

48 sheet Billboards are the industry standard, measuring 10ft x 20ft and made up of 48 sheets (hence the name!).  96 sheets are the other standard size and these are simply double-width 48 sheet billboards.  Whilst there are various other ‘specialist’ billboard sites across the country, the vast majority of UK billboard advertising is 48 or 96 sheet sites.

Static billboard advertising has that stand out factor and this is only added to when using rotating and scrolling sites.  Rotating sited are 3-sided adverts that turn around at equal time slots so all 3-adverts get equal viewing time, scrolling sites like 6-sheet scrollers again house 3-adverts that roll round giving each advert equal viewing time. The movement generated in these sites are very eye catching and increase awareness.

If you want the WOW factor then look no further than backlit sites 48-sheet and 96-sheet backlit sites are the premium sites that grab your eye as you move around the city on a gloomy afternoon.  Rotating, scrolling and backlit sites carry a premium rate but do return more awareness for your pound.

All billboard advertising is sold on a standard 2-week cycle. Full artwork specifications are supplied upon booking a campaign.

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