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Take your advert to your customers with Advan Mobile Billboards.

Advans – also known as mobile billboards and billboards on wheels – are a fantastic and flexible way of getting your message to the heart of your target. 

Ad advan comprises 2-back to back 48-sheets billboards – at an angle so the rear section forms a triangle – this also carries your message. So your message can be seen by people on both sides and behind the advan.

You can have the same message on each side or 2-different creatives!  Artwork can be supplied as high res PDF or EPS files.

The beauty of the Advan is the flexibility of the campaign – campaign can run for 1-day up 365-days! They can be 8, 10 or 12-hour days.  You state the time periods you want your advan out on the road – such as 8am to 4pm targeting children and parents on the school run!

You supply the route you want the advan to take, so you can specify hour by hour where the advan goes, along which roads, which shopping centres, business parks etc you want it stop at and wait for a time before continuing.

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